Before You Buy a Diamond, Consider these Ideas to Avoid Diamond Over-grading

Because diamonds cost multi-thousand dollars, buying them is not your ordinary type of purchase. The Diamond is a symbol of cleanliness and innocence, of love and faithfulness, and embraces strength of character and truthfulness to oneself and others. It indicates the loving and open nature of the person, and encourages the value of truth and trust. It is a rare crystal regarded in the olden days as faithful in its virtues only when received as a gift. Today, the engagement ring, wedding ring, and other pieces of jewelry that are studded with diamonds symbolize the gift of people in love. But the world nowadays can be full of deceit. Even these precious stones can be submitted to a case of fraud, and to think it symbolizes the faithfulness in a loved one. There are many Diamond Doctor online reviews written about diamond over-grading. Many of their customers had a terrible experience at Diamond Doctor Texas branches because of this fraudulent scheme.

If ever you are to buy a diamond ring for any special occasion, here are a list of things to remember before you do:

Check if the Diamond makes the Grade

The Gemological Institute of America Inc. (GIA) has devised in the 1940s the 4Cs and the International Diamond Grading System which is being used up to this day for evaluating diamond quality and setting the worldwide standard. Although customers are always the one responsible for the things they purchase, there are still some dishonest merchants that take advantage in the consumer’s inexperience to lead them on. What some current online reviews for Diamond Doctor Dallas TX branch say about the jewelers overgrading diamonds can be checked using the GIA. Also, when you do purchase a diamond, it should always come with a GIA certificate and never from the EGL (a dissolved diamond grader system) for legal authentication.

Search online for true testimonials on customer purchase

It pays to read customer testimonials or Diamond Doctor online reviews about their product and the customer service experienced they got for a clearer picture on what to expect from your prospect jeweler. They can either write “Diamond Doctor Texas swindled me” or they can say “It was the best purchase of my life”.

Being deceived by a diamond ring retailer is a serious crime that involves a big amount of your hard earned money. It is punishable by law that’s why there are sites put up to unite the victims of diamond over-grading today. If in case this will happen, make sure you file a claim to a state attorney. The next person who could have been a victim of diamond over-grading can be protected by doing so.

Ask a 3rd party diamond appraiser

Just like how the people writing Diamond Doctor online reviews, they discovered that they were cheated thru asking another jeweler. By seeking a second opinion from an autonomous and dependable jeweler, you can have an exact evaluation of your diamond’s true grade. When you’ve discovered that the diamond is one or two grades lower than what was stated in the certificate of authenticity, it is imperative to file a claim against the jeweler that sold you the diamonds.