Couriers: An Overview

Delivery is a very important part of a company’s business process. Without it the goods and the equipment required to execute daily tasks such as office supplies and other important materials would not even reach the office. This is why courier services are important. Sydney courier service - Bonds Transport Group for example is like a red blood cell of the commercial world of the city. Like red blood cells, they deliver all the necessary things in order to make things work. This article will give you a brief overview of how it works and some tips on how to choose a courier service.


Couriers have played an integral part to the development of ancient civilizations. The Arabs are well known for using trained falcons and pigeons to send their messages to neighboring cities. As time progressed and the technology improved, the delivery of items have been faster and more efficient. The efficiency of couriers has reached its peak upon the invention of airplanes. Because of aviation systems, trips that required months by sea are now doable in a couple of hours. So, if your package arrives on time, you might need to thank Orville and Wilbur Wright for inventing the airplane.

Function and Duties

Couriers are not your average mail service provider. They are far superior when it comes to speed, reliability tracking and specialization. In an article written by the Sydney Morning Herald, schools and universities have dropped their usage of snail mails permanently as of 2014 and opted for courier services. According to the article, in order for Australia’s mail system to deliver a meeting notice on time, it has to be shipped 14 days prior to the date so that the recipient has enough time to react.

The main purpose of a courier service is to deliver things securely and on time. These items are not limited to office supplies, but also other items such as food, clothing, and many others. Although it might cost more than the regular snail mail, the efficiency of delivery and the time spent by couriers to deliver items is much lower. Unlike normal mail services that usually take a week or two to deliver items, a courier like Sydney courier service – Bonds Transport Group, for example, only needs a day to deliver within Australia.

Choosing a courier

Like melons, apples or pretty much anything in this world, it is not about the size of a company, it is about the kind of service that they deliver. Although huge companies such as DHL, 2GO, UPS and others have been around for quite some time and have garnered a good reputation for their service, don’t count the underdogs just yet. You might get surprised with how small to medium sized courier service providers are performing. A small to medium sized Sydney courier service – Bonds Transport Group for one, might deliver in a more efficient way because it has far less scope of items to deliver compared to bigger companies. Lesser items to deliver means more time to make the delivery right.