The Other Side of the Car Market: Demo Cars

If you’re in the market for a car, chances are you’ve come across demo cars for sale Brisbane dealers offer. These cars are sort of in a grey area. Think of it as brand-new-used vehicles as part of a dealership’s inventory.

Demo cars are have seen some use but never sold to the public, which technically makes it brand new. Most of the demo cars you’ll encounter have a bit of mileage logged. This ranges between a few hundred to a few thousand kilometres. If you do a quick “Kia for sale Brisbane” search, chances are demo cars are included in this list.

So who uses the demo cars if these are considered brand new? Frequently, these cars spent time under the care of dealership employees, including Some managers or sales representatives use these cars to be able to offer customers a test drive. Demo cars see showroom and event applications. And in other cases, sales representatives use demo cars to familiarize themselves with the vehicle they’re selling and its features.

Do you want to buy a demo car?

Well, buying a demo car it’s not that simple. Yes, it’s just like buying a brand new car from the showroom, but you have to be acquainted with proper inspection. Most start with checking the warranty coverage of a demo car. As we all know, manufacturers provide warranty on their vehicles when purchased brand new. Thankfully, the demo cars for sale Brisbane dealerships sell cover units that remain under warranty.

Remember that the warranty is in effect as soon as the car starts rolling. Therefore, if a manufacturer offers a 100,000 km warranty for all of their brand new models, this is effective as soon as it is used. Meanwhile, if a demo car has a 10,000 km odometer reading, this is subtracted from the initial warranty coverage, leaving you with 90,000 km of warranty left. Regardless if you’re passing through the Kia Sportage demo for sale Brisbane event or other looking at other demo car listings, this is a standard among manufacturers. This is not a bad deal if you don’t mind a slightly used car and if you want to save a few thousand dollars. See more at Toowong Kia

Of course, even low mileage cars do suffer from a bit of wear and tear. Some people shy away from demo cars as they associate it with careless driving as previous drivers don’t have to face the consequences anyway. This is where research and a keen eye comes in. For instance, the Kia Picanto for sale Brisbane list is dense, which presents an opportunity for you to look at several examples.

The outside aesthetics tells you a lot already. If you find scratches and dents all around the car, that’s one sign that tells you that you should stay away from it. Next is looking at parts that see normal wear and tear. Check the oil, the belts, and the filters if they have been changed before.

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